Affiliated Companies

Hybrid Parking Solutions

Through Prospectus principal, William Cress, Prospectus has invested in two operating companies that were managed by Cress. The first was Hybrid Parking Solutions which was established to deliver quality and economical structured parking solutions for real estate developers thought a “kit of parts” assembly of large span parking structures utilizing structural steel and precast concrete. This business includes the design and construction of the structures and has put in place over 20,000 spaces throughout the northeast. The operating business was sold in 2007, but Prospectus the Chief Operating Officer, Mike Skeldon, and Cress continue to provide analysis and consulting for developers municipalities with parking issues throughout the northeast.


Orbis is a newly-formed company of seasoned real estate professionals created to serve the needs of investors seeking conservative, long-term commercial real estate investments. We believe that quality commercial real estate (CRE) investments enhance the returns and create diversity within your overall asset portfolio, while emphasizing preservation of capital. Our expertise is in optimizing these opportunities, within applicable regulatory constraints governing your investments.

In today’s volatile economic environment, we believe sound real estate investing begins with fundamentals. As successful investors, appraisers, developers, and builders, we commence with a solid bricks-and-mortar approach. We leverage this traditional, diligent underwriting approach and derive real world asset valuation by correlating the results with the detailed output of our proprietary analytical modeling tools, which were developed in conjunction with leading academic and business researchers.

Orbis is a client-focused company offering comprehensive commercial real estate investment advice. Our mission is to provide you with full turnkey real estate investment services so that you can focus on your core business without the expense of an in-house department. We will work with you to help quantify your company’s risk/return profile, formulate the CRE-specific component of your investment policy statement, and establish your investment criteria. Then, we customize an investment strategy, matching available CRE investment opportunities to your strategy.

A diverse real estate portfolio of high-quality, fully-performing whole loans spread across sectors and regions can provide an excellent CRE investment platform, preserving capital while providing stable, predictable returns. Orbis can build your portfolio, or thoroughly analyze your existing portfolio. We enhance the performance of your new or existing CRE portfolio by utilizing a disciplined, analytical approach to asset evaluation and sourcing. Once your initial portfolio is in place, we aggressively manage the assets, utilizing both traditional monitoring and reporting techniques, as well as highly analytical, forward-looking modeling tools.

Demand for CRE loans currently outpaces the supply of capital in today’s lending market. This creates an ideal opportunity to purchase assets, or to originate new mortgages on quality properties with solid sponsors and premium returns. We work within this market to identify safe mortgage origination opportunities to closely match asset and liability time frames, while also enhancing your investment portfolio returns.

As a start-up firm, we have no legacy work-out issues to distract us from focusing on bringing you the very best value in the marketplace.