80 Hayden Avenue

80 Hayden Avenue | Lexington, MA

Hayden Avenue is a textbook example of taking an underutilized asset and improving its performance through sound real estate investment operating experience.

Cambridgeport Bank

1380 Soldiers Field Road | Brighton, MA

Prospectus acted as Cambridgeport’s development consultant, overseeing all aspects of the project, from construction through tenant leasing.

Davenport Building

25 First Street | Cambridge, MA

A Prospectus partner participated in restoring of the 100-year-old Davenport Building through a public-private partnership that rescued this National Historic Register property.

Boston Biomedical HQ

64 Grove Street | Watertown, MA

Prospectus purchased a furniture manufacturing building and re-positioned it as a laboratory for a growing Boston-based biomedical research institute.

Historic Investment Properties

Throughout New England

During the past 15 years, Prospectus has purchased several historic investment properties both for the firm’s own account as well as for partnerships in which the firm assumed primary management responsibility.